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What our satisfied customers are saying about our Handmade Strombolis<br>
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I have enjoyed Italian food for many years. This item is so tasty I can't wait to have it again and again.
  Anthony C ~ Downingtown PA
I ordered mine from a tv shopping network. My son loves stromboli, so I usually have to go out and buy it for him. Did not know how these would compare since they are frozen, so was I in for a great surprise to taste the freshness!! Yours are better than the ones I buy from a local Italian pizzeria that makes them as you order. Can't wait to try the steak and cheese! Glad to know you can order directly, as the shopping network was always running out and you may have to wait for your order! First rate business!
  Donna ~ Wilson, NC
Since discovering your products, my family and I have been in Stromboli 'Heaven'. Simply the Best!! A true treat for the taste buds.
  Bruce Strow ~ Manalapan, NJ
My brothers are from New York where they think they have the best everything. Your Stromboli changed their minds. Ha!Thanks.
  Paul Quintavalla ~ Broomall, PA
Sure a philadelphia cheese steak is the best, but it can be messy to eat. With Leonetti's stromboli you get the tasty chese steak in a convenient easy to eat package. I'm hooked.
  Sammy ~ PA
I love this stuff it''s delicious.
  Nicole ~ Philadelphia
My family argued over which was the best flavor. So now we just order the variety pack and everyone wins. Yum!
  Douglas ~ CT
We have been enjoying these strombolis for the past 6 months. They are a perfect meal, quick to prepare and really really good. They are a big hit with the children as well.
  Robert Hall ~ Erial, NJ
My mom gets your strombolis all the time and shares them with me. They are my favorite.[br]
  Charlie ~ PA
Very tasty - my favorite stromboli treat!
  Elaine ~ New Jersey
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