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These strombolis' are the ABSOLUTE BEST I have had with the exception of one little restaurant in NYC. It is hard to believe a frozen stromboli can taste like one that has been fresh-baked in an Italian Restaurant. Thanks to this product, I can have a taste of NYC right here in Ohio. The Deluxe is my favorite but the CheeseSteak is awesome as well and takes me to Phili every time. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK and change NOTHING!!!!
  Jeri Sumner ~ Powell, Ohio
I used to have stromboli's back in VA where I grew up, and have missed them ever since. In Dallas, we just have calzone's, so when I received my order from here, I was hoping they would be like the ones back in VA. They are. They are excellent and well worth getting. Just a few minutes in the oven and they are a nice treat. Highly recommend
  David H ~ Dallas, TX
Great Quality Product. I love them all, but you have to try the Spinach!
  Tony Franciscus ~ Philadelphia, PA
Okay, now we're in trouble. We were holiday shopping at Market Basket and they had a freezer display and one of the sections held your Pepperoni and Cheese Stromboli. Neither of us had seen nor heard of Stromboli before (certainly never saw it in Market Basket). We bought it. We cooked it. WE ARE CUSTOMERS FOR LIFE! What a ridiculously delicious food! Uh-oh! YUMMO!
  JK ~ NH
Excellent! I do recommend!
  Jeff V ~ Lewisburg, PA
My husband has decreed that we can never be without these! Between the two of us we love all the strombolis, but this is his personal favorite. The crust is sweet and crisp, and the filling is, well, amazing!! Thanks - we're on our third order!
  Jane Williams ~ St Louis
Your stromboils are the BEST ever. I not only had a bunch shipped to me but also to my mother. My grandmother was an Italian immigrant so I know authentic Italian treats. The quality of your products are outstanding!!! Thanks for not cutting corners. They are worth every cent.
  David ~ Nashville,TN
Having moved from the Bronx, NY to Georgia, I NEVER thought I'd be be able to find great stromboli again....this is a gold mine!!
  Terry ~ Georgia
I have enjoyed Italian food for many years. This item is so tasty I can't wait to have it again and again.
  Anthony C ~ Downingtown PA
I ordered mine from a tv shopping network. My son loves stromboli, so I usually have to go out and buy it for him. Did not know how these would compare since they are frozen, so was I in for a great surprise to taste the freshness!! Yours are better than the ones I buy from a local Italian pizzeria that makes them as you order. Can't wait to try the steak and cheese! Glad to know you can order directly, as the shopping network was always running out and you may have to wait for your order! First rate business!
  Donna ~ Wilson, NC
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