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Leonetti’s Handmade Stromboli, Philadelphia’s Original Italian Stromboli, since 1981.
Stromboli otherwise known as Italian stuffed Bread, originally came from the little island off the Sicilian coast that bears the same name..Stromboli. Here the monks were famous for making a delicious stuffed bread with all sort of fresh and nutritious ingredients and baking it until the filling had melted and seeped into the surrounding dough. This they used to give to the poor sheep farmers on the island to help sustain them throughout the day and often the night as well. As islanders emigrated to the US in the early 1900´s they brought a little of their homeland with them in the form of the Stromboli recipe. For almost 30 years, Leonetti´s has proudly prepared our authentic Italian Stromboli´s according to the old-world recipe Leonetti´s founder, Richard DiPietro, learned from his Italian mother. It starts with our unique signature Italian bread dough, made fresh daily with no preservatives or additives. Each Stromboli is then hand stuffed with selections of delicious meats, fresh vegetables and provolone cheese, skillfully hand folded into shape, and lightly dusted with herbs. The result, a Stromboli packed with delicious homemade flavor and top quality natural ingredients - just like you´d make at home, but without the work, and with perfect success each time!!

Leonetti´s Handmade Stromboli brings a little taste of Philadelphia Italian home cooking to your kitchen. Perfect for family dinners, lunch, snacks, barbeques or even sliced into hors d´oeuvres portions when entertaining, our Stromboli´s become a favorite meal or treat. It´s why we ship Stromboli´s in every corner of the country to those who grew up loving Leonetti´s or have since discovered their unique and wonderful taste. Leonetti´s insistence on perfection is what makes our Leonetti´s Handmade Stromboli´s a tradition for families across the country. Partially Baked at our factory and then immediately frozen to maintain the freshness of the Stromboli, is our guarantee to you of excellence each time. All you have to do is finish baking and serve.

Quality, Taste, Simplicity - Nothing else comes close to a Leonetti´s Handmade Stromboli!

We hope that you, your friends and family, enjoy this truly rare treat!! And while you are making this discovery, why not try our delicious and authentic calzones or Philadelphia Cheesesteaks?

Beth DiPietro
Leonetti´s Frozen Foods Inc..
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